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We are cruising again! Limited Internet access has given the makers of a competing video free reign to blast us with negative reviews on Amazon but hopefully they'll 1) see the error of their ways or 2) encounter a bit of Karma.

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March 2009 - On the
Cusp of a New Adventure

Good Will Towards Men?
Also: A new boat!

July 2007 - A Big Ol' Cruising Boat

January 2007 - An Online Clean Wake

November 2006 - One Serious Liveaboard!

July 2006 Update - Didn't Get Kidnapped in Colombia

March 2006 Update - In Georgetown, Bahamas

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This is Being Out There

What does paradise look like? What is it like being out on the ocean? Do people really sail to tropical islands?

With actual cruising footage and interviews with people who are out there, Being Out There, is a new cruising documentary that will take you there.

Being Out There was produced by cruisers for those planning to cruise, those who have cruised and those who dream about it.

Have You Ever Wondered What It's Like
Being Out There?

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Runtime: 1 hour 26 minutes (not including extra features)
NTSC Color DVD Format
Filmed on location in Florida, the Bahamas
and the Caribbean.
Made in the USA


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